The Covid-19 pandemic has escalated to levels that scientists did not expect. The number of infected have been growing day by day and the dead continue to rise in all countries. First-world powers have seen their health systems collapse due to the high spread of the disease, the lethality of the virus, and the high demand for hospital beds.

The virus has exposed the gaps that the public and private healthcare industries have to face in the emergency situation such as the one humanity has been experiencing since December 2019. Those most affected by this health emergency are the forcibly displaced, exiles, the elderly, and children.

Nicaraguan Refugees

The pandemic increases the level of vulnerability of exiles due to job loss, lack of job opportunities, quarantine, xenophobic acts, human rights violations, threats of dismissal, and deportation.

The socio-political crisis in Nicaragua forced more than 100,000 Nicaraguans to leave the country and go into exile in countries in the Central American region such as Costa Rica and Panama; Spain, the United States and Mexico.

The situation of all these people has worsened with the Covid-19 pandemic, the lack of income to cover their basic needs such as food, shelter and healthcare elevates the precarious condition of the exiles who strive every day to stay afloat in a place that is not their own country.

The Nicaraguans for Security and Prosperity foundation, has been promoting social initiatives to contribute to lessening the impact of the pandemic on Nicaraguan exiles, and we have been bringing basic food to families who are unemployed and have fallen into extreme poverty.

We have been helping to take care of the health of Nicaraguan exiles in Panama, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. We managed to deliver about 400 assistance packages to the same number of families, however we know that it is not enough.