First Stop on College Tour

On Wednesday November 13th, Rafael Estrada, Founder of Nicaraguans for Security and Prosperity made his first stop at Bradley University in Peoria, IL. Mr. Estrada opened the night by introducing himself to an auditorium filled with students who braved the 20 degree temperatures to learn more about the political and humanitarian situation in Nicaragua.

Mr. Estrada began the night discussing his own experiences in Nicaragua as a young man and then began a slideshow which featured videos of the recent political protests followed by news reports which showed the brutal treatment of journalists in Nicaragua. The presentation was not all dark, however. Mr. Estrada also focused on the good of the Nicaraguan people and illustrated the moving forward he sees a bright future for the Central American Nation.

The event was promoted through the Spanish, International Business, and Political Sciences department. The students had a particular interest in the situation in Nicaragua, many stating that they had been unaware of what has been occurring and also wanted to know how they can help. Mr. Estrada’s presentation lasted around 35 minutes, but students asked an additional 20 minutes of questions.

Mr. Estrada even stayed after his presentation to individually meet with students who wanted to hear more about his experiences. The event was a successful kickoff for the Nicaraguans for Security and Prosperity Campus Tour.