A Nicaraguan foundation extends its aid to Spain for «exiles» of the Ortega Government

The Nicaraguans for Security and Prosperity Foundation, which counts among its programs aid to «exiles» who have left Nicaragua for political reasons, has announced the extension of its assistance to Spain, where there is a community of some 35,000 Nicaraguans.

«The initial idea is to support people with more immediate and basic needs,» explained the president of the organization, Rafael Estrada, who has confirmed the delivery of a monthly aid of 200 euros to some twenty families living in Zaragoza – -More than 9,000 Nicaraguans live in this province.

These are families with children that the foundation wants to guarantee at least first aid while they wait for their work permit applications to be approved, something that can take up to a year. Estrada’s idea is to continue growing: «We want to support at least one hundred families.»

Nicaraguans for Security and Prosperity is based in Chicago (United States) and has a presence in Panama and Costa Rica. The latter country is the one that houses the largest community of Nicaraguan migrants, with almost 100,000. The foundation is committed to «self-sustainable» projects, for example helping to create small businesses, as explained in statements to Europa Press.

Estrada has also advocated for improving the situation within Nicaragua, where «the people suffer constant violations of Human Rights.» Thus, he has demanded «forceful, sustainable, and long-term changes» internally, which in his opinion involves holding «free elections» and reviewing a system in which «all institutions are subject to the Government of Daniel Ortega» .

Estrada has warned that, with the economy «destroyed» and constant repression, «the exodus continues.» «The government is trying to tell to the international community that nothing is happening, but there is nothing normal in Nicaragua,» said the head of the foundation, who also hopes to organize an event to support families of Nicaraguan «political prisoners».