From the studio of Radio Aragón in Spain, Rafael Estrada, president of the Nicaraguans for Security and Prosperity Foundation, denounced the constant violations committed by Ortega against the human rights of Nicaraguans. He said that the socio-political conflict does not allow the country to grow and prosper in an economy that is progressing.

«The conflict we have in Nicaragua is not a left or a right one. Unfortunately, it is about the corruption and repression that the government is exercising on its people. There are more than 500 people who have been murdered by this government and Ortega is still holding political prisoners,» he emphasized.

He explained that the repression has not stopped and the people of Nicaragua have been praying that next year’s election results will be results that will be free and fair and that the vote of each Nicaraguan will be counted. «There is signififant pressure on the totalitarian government of Daniel Ortega Right now there are sanctions that are coming from the United States. This pressure will, in effect, achieve changes in the electoral laws so that Nicaragua can have elections that are free and transparent» Estrada said.

Estrada criticized that the Government sometimes releases political prisoners who are then terrorized in their homes and at work.

«If a person thinks differently, he raises his voice against the situation, against the dictatorship, the modus operandi that Daniel Ortega has is prison, death or exile,» he said.

Estrada arrived in Spain with the objective of meeting with the Nicaraguan community in that country because there is a great need for emergency resources due to the devastating effects of the pandemic. “We came from Chicago to meet with the Nicaraguan community. I understand that there is a lot of need. These people are strugling to pay for an apartment. Our goal is, initally, to support 20 families who have children. We hope to financially support 100 families in total, ”he explained.