Thousands of Nicaraguan youth went into exile in Central American countries due to the bloody repression unleashed by the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo. He repressed the people using bullets, killing and imprisoning students and the general population. According to statistics from international organizations, more than 100,000 people have fled the country since the start of the socio-political crisis in April 2018.

The Nicaraguans for Security and Prosperity Foundation wants to contribute to the preparation and development of skills for these young people through 10 scholarships for academic training in the areas of digital journalism, photography, and graphic design. Classes start on May 15 with room for 10 scholarship recipients.

«Supporting with scholarships those who wish to study and forge a better personal future, which in the short or long term contributes to the development of a society, fills us with deep satisfaction because we are making the dreams of many people come true,» said Rafael Estrada, president of Nicaraguans for Security and Prosperity.

The studies will be taught by the International Digital Academy (AID), on its web platform that has the necessary tools to contribute to the integral learning process, based on the learning methodology that favors creativity, spirit, and motivation for each student.

The scholarships were awarded to the young people who applied and filled out the form on our Facebook page. We, at Nicaraguans for Security and Prosperity are committed to all young people in exile and increasing techinal literacy for all to create better job opportunities.