Nicaraguan exiles in Spain receive financial assistance from the NSP foundation to cover their housing expense

The Nicaraguans for Security and Prosperity Foundation is committed to the well-being of Nicaraguan exiles in Spain and under that premise, we set out to provide financial aid to 19 families to pay the rent for the flats where they live. There are several families who live in a single house and share the rent. They have problems with food, housing, and rents are difficult, explained Rafael Estrada, president of NSP.

«We met with some Nicaraguans in Madrid, but mainly we met with a fairly large group in Zaragoza where I had the pleasure of meeting many families and we gave those families a contribution to pay or help pay for the apartment (rent),» he said. Estrada.

He also pointed out that political exiles also go through various problems such as their immigration status and the search for formal employment.

«Last week we made another disbursement for the same 19 families that we supported in January, a total of 70 people, including adults and children,» he emphasized.