Foundation provides much needed food supplies to exiles in Panama

As part of our commitment to Nicaraguan exiles in Panama and other parts of the world, after the health emergency caused by Covid-19 we will be visiting Panama City to support some 400 Nicaraguans who are in the canal country.

“God, we will be in Panama first after the pandemic. We have just made a contribution with food and we hope to meet with 400 people and support them again with food. We want to exchange ideas and find out what they need. A financial and food contribution is never too much for the people who are in Panama, ”said Rafael Estrada, president of the Nicaraguans for Security and Prosperity Foundation.

During the visit to Panama, it is expected to hold meetings with some government authorities to see how they can support the growing community of Nicaraguans.

“In Panama the immigration situation is quite difficult and strict. I do not know how the United States ambassador in Panama could influence, but I think it is important to knock on doors and see how we can help the people we have there with a difficult situation, «said Estrada.

As the Government of Panama opens the air border, we will be making a presence in the canal country to support our exiled Nicaraguan brothers who have fled the repression of the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo.